Elbereth's Main driver v2.0.3
2008-05-31 10:02:41

Elbereth's Main driver v2.0.3 released with support for Entropia Universe .BNT files.

I am working now & then on the previewing ability and on the HyperRipper. But not much. Previewing is working but is very slow for big textures...

Dragon UnPACKer v5.3.2 WIP (unstable)
2008-04-21 17:09:00

I fixed a bunch of errors in the HyperRipper and further increased the speed. I also added some features/options that were present in Dragon UnPACKer 4 but were missing yet in v5 (See Association & Advanced options). 
Well, still nothing on Previewing ability. I promise to work on it for next version. Wink
Enjoy this release! I hope HyperRipper will be stable now. Write a bug report if something feel strange.

5.3.2 WIP Release Upcoming [UPDATE: Released]
2008-04-19 10:02:41

I am preparing to release a new WIP version. No improvement in previewing ability. But HyperRipper was further debugged & improved. Many new options and improved options dialog.

Dragon LaNGuage Compare v4.0.1 released (see Tools Download section):
To compare two .LNG files. Used to create the changes.txt files in translation sub-dir of Dragon UnPACKer 5.

  • Cleaned up useless code & changed a bit the name, removed copyright...

Dragon UnPACKer 5 - LOOK Compiler v1.1.2 released (see Tools Download section).
Allows to create themes (icons) for Dragon UnPACKer 5.

  • Changed a bit the name, removed copyright... Removed Beta status.
  • Now includes a full Dragon UnPACker v5.3.2 WIP .look + .bmps in example-extended.7z

Dragon UnPACKer 5 - LOOK Decompiler v1.0.0 released (see Tools Download section):
Allows to decompile themes (icons) for Dragon UnPACKer 5.

Update: As promised: Version wip released. Release tag release-53240 on CVS.

I will release a standalone (for people still using 5.2.0b) D5P of Elbereth's Default Driver v2.0.2 tomorrow. I am too tired now... ;)

Update 2: Elbereth's Main driver v2.0.2 released as D5P as promised. ;)


Dragon UnPACKer v5.3.1 WIP (unstable)
2008-03-10 20:38:00

During this week, I fixed some nasty bugs in the HyperRipper so I thought it was time for a release. 
Next version will have new features, this one was for bug fixing. Wink

Elbereth's Main driver v2.0.1 released
2008-03-10 10:02:41

Elbereth's Main driver v2.0.1: Added support for UFO: Aftermath, UFO: Aftershock and UFO: Afterlight .VFS files.

This format took me a long time to figure it out completely and correctly. Smile
XentaX's Wiki page about UFO: Aftershock helped to start the research! If you want to know the file format specs, feel free to read the drv_default.dpr file (I commented the UFO: Aftermath part).

On another note: Dragon UnPACKer v5.3.1 WIP seems very stable (much more than 5.3.0 WIP) so I might release it soon. I will start working on texture preview afterwards.