Dragon UnPACKer


This program allow you to open the game resource files in an explorer-like interface then extract the content at will.

Dragon UnPACKer v5.3.3 WIP (Explorer-like interface)

More than 80 games are supported directly (check the List of supported games).

If the game is not supported, Dragon UnPACKer include a very useful tool named HyperRipper.


This tool searches for known patterns in unknown file formats. This allows to extract texture, sounds, music and more from unknown file formats!

HyperRipper v5.5b

Dragon UnPACKer is plugin based for faster and easier enhancement and support for new games file formats:

  1. Driver plugins: Allowing Dragon UnPACKer to natively/directly open file formats, if no driver plugin recognize the file your only hope is HyperRipper.
  2. Convert plugins: Permits conversion of custom/exotic file formats to common file formats (example: convert a RAW texture to a Windows Bitmap .BMP file)

You can usually update the plugins without upgrading to the new Dragon UnPACKer core program, but sometimes it is mandatory when new core features are needed.

License: Free & Open Source

Dragon UnPACKer is free (as in beer and as in freedom) to use and the source code is available under the Mozilla Public License [MPL] v2.0.

Get Dragon UnPACKer (Download)

Get the recommended version 5.7.0 Beta with Setup


Feel free to donate, whatever the amount, it will be really appreciated:

  • Please donate to ElberethZone (Bitcoin) Dash (preferred): XguFSysJK9kkSoka9k3WPn2jHqu59aAzrn
  • Bitcoin Donation Bitcoin: 34udKGE7ixLMsdQHv6s1kudr5XunP57aEd or 1AHmysjf1DuaMtjEFufMKEX5faM3kxM6zH


If you want to see/change the source code (Borland Delphi 7 Personnal Edition), you can also download the Source package compressed as a 7-Zip .7z file format. Please read the README file once uncompressed, it contains a list of libraries needed if you ever want to compile the source. You can also visit the Developers Area that contains more information regarding development of Dragon UnPACKer.


You can freely download the program for Windows from the bellow links, it is available as three different packages:

  • With setup

    This include an installer program (based on free Jurdan Russell's Inno Setup to be exact) which will help you install and configure Dragon UnPACKer on your Windows installation. It also provides an uninstaller.

  • Without Setup/Archive

    Compressed using free 7-Zip .7z file format.
    To install decompress on a directory and run DrgUnPACKer5.exe. You can also use Tools/Duppi.exe (the Online/Offline Updater).

  • Update package To install you need Duppi (at least v3.3.5) and the previous version of Dragon UnPACKer installed and run at least once. Double-click/open the file with Duppi to install the upgrade.

Get the stable version

Download the latest stable version: 5.6.2 "Exedra-Chac"

Get the latest (unstable) version

Download the latest unstable version: 5.7.0 Beta


You can freely download translations here. They are available as D5P (Dragon UnPACKer 5 Package) file which auto-install/update using Duppi.

If you run Duppi in online mode you will also find all available translations for your version of Dragon UnPACKer.

Translation Translation author For Version
Czech David Mokry (SUSHI)
English Alexandre Devilliers (Elbereth) Included in all versions
French Alexandre Devilliers (Elbereth) Included in all versions
German livinskull
German Felix Riemann
Hungarian Kov�cs Andr�s'
Italian gabriTB01
Polish Piotr "Halamix2" Halama
Portuguese (Brazil) Samir Jorge de Aguiar (Piloto de Fuga)
Portuguese (Portugal) Gabriel Silva
Spanish Alexandre Devilliers (Elbereth) Included in all versions
Russian Alexms69
Russian Pit0n2
Russian Andrew Bondar (SkYuS)
Russian Nikita Churilov (Deliverer)
Russian Andrew Bondar (SkYuS)
Turkish bosluk
Turkish Volkan Özdemir
Ukranian Andrew Strepetov

New translations are released by third parties authors sometimes months after the release.

Stay up to date

Duppi - Update utility

Dragon UnPACKer comes with an online/offline update utility named Duppi.

Duppi v2.2.0 in Online update mode

With this updater you can keep your plugins up to date easily, just fire up Duppi every now and then, download the new versions and Duppi will install them automatically!

The other function of Duppi is to download and install additional translation of Dragon UnPACKer.

Duppi works also as an offline updater, it can install compressed D5P files (Dragon UnPACKer 5 Packages). All updates are also available as D5P files if you don't trust or cannot use the online updater.

Newest plugins

You can freely download the new plugins versions here. They are available as D5P (Dragon UnPACKer 5 Package) file which auto-install/update using Duppi.

Plugin Type Plugin Name Plugin Version Plugin What's new
Driver drv_default 2.1.1
  • Added Ghostbusters: The Video Game .POD support
  • Added Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime .PAK support
  • Check change log for full details.
Driver drv_zip 1.1.3 (DLL v5.5.2)
  • Added Heroes of Might & Magic 5 .PAK to the supported file types.
  • Check change log for full details.

New plugins are released now & then which bring new supported games and/or bug fixes.


This is a oneman program, so support is also handled by myself, so it might be really long before I find a solution to your problem or before a feature request is implemented. You must understand I do this for fun and during my spare time, therefore sometimes I might choose to implement something that was not requested before anything else.

Now if you want to report a bug, ask for a feature you want or chat about Dragon UnPACKer here are your options:

  • Issues tracker: This page keeps track of all bug reports, it is really useful for me to have them all on that page and I will surely ignore any other bug report (email, forum, etc..). One catch, you need to register an account on GitHub, but this is easy, fast and free...
  • Feature request: This page is the same as the bug report one, but for feature request, just use the Feature Request label.

That's all the support you will get and that's a lot considering the price (it is free...) of Dragon UnPACKer! Wink

Roadmap (TODO list)

Here is what I am thinking for the future of Dragon UnPACKer, don't get your expectations high as I am really busy and almost not touching it anymore.

Version Priority Status Description

5.0.0 Beta 1 released (28/07/2002)

5.0.0 Beta 2 released (18/10/2002)

5.0.0 Beta 3 released (08/04/2003)

5.0.0 Beta 4 released (26/04/2003)

5.0.0 Release Candidate 1 released (29/06/2003)

5.0.0 Release Candidate 2 released (08/09/2003)

5.0.0 Release Candidate 3 released (27/09/2003)

5.0.0 Release Candidate 4 released (08/05/2004)

5.0.0 Stable released (17/07/2004)

5.1.0 WIP released (22/08/2004)

5.1.1 WIP released (03/10/2004)

5.1.2 WIP released (27/03/2005)

5.2.0 "Cinthia" Stable released (23/12/2005)

5.2.0 "Cinthia" Release A released (29/12/2005)

5.2.0 "Cinthia" Release B released (30/01/2006)

5.3.0 WIP released (04/03/2008)

5.3.1 WIP released (10/03/2008)

5.3.2 WIP released (19/04/2008)

5.3.3 Beta released (23/08/2008)

5.4.0 "Degei" Stable released (20/11/2008)

5.4.0 "Degei" Release A Stable released (23/04/2009)

5.5.0 Beta Unstable released (27/06/2009)

5.5.1 Beta Unstable released (12/09/2009)

5.6.0 "Exedra" Stable released (15/10/2010)

5.6.1 "Exedra-Benton" Stable released (05/04/2011)

5.6.2 "Exedra-Chac" Stable released (07/08/2011)

5.7.0 Beta Unstable released (08/04/2014)

5.7.x 25% Enhance log ability (error reporting, file save, etc..).

5.8.0 Stable

6.0.0 0% Rewrite using Lazarus/FreePascal.

6.0.0 Stable

6.x.x 0% Propose a 64bits version for Windows
6.x.x 0% Add repack (or at least edit ability)

Ideas not on the roadmap

  • Add popup to select between different driver plugin when more than one declares being able to open the file
  • Add a certainty of ability to open a file
    • High if smart used with a very good ID/Magic string
    • Medium if smart used with a weak ID/Magic string
    • Low if smart was not used (only based on extension)
  • "Create" plugins (do not integrate the creation to the drivers plugins.

Stuff that will never happen

Stuff I should do but will most likely never do (too boring):

  • Make a Dragon UnPACKer 5 Help manual
  • Make a Dragon UnPACKer 5 plugin Development kit (PDK)