Source Code

Dragon UnPACKer source is available as a package (see Dragon UnPACKer > Download section) for each release but also via a Git repository on GitHub.

You can checkout the latest source code from Dragon UnPACKer by using:

git clone

The available sub-projects (folders) are:

  • DragonUnPACKer : Which is the source code
  • DragonUnPACKerDoc : Documentation project for Dragon UnPACKer (but never really started)
  • DragonUnPACKerLazarus : Experimental version of Dragon UnPACKer for Lazarus (not maintained anymore)

If you want to just browse the source code with your web browser follow this link:

You can also get some stats and commit logs.

Get hack tools/nightly builds

You can get devtools and nightly builds from here.

Download DevTools

You can freely download the following tools for Windows from the following links.

If you are looking for Dragon UnPACKer program download go to this page.

Dragon LNG Compare v4.0.1

To compare two .lng files (the files used to translate Dragon UnPACKer).
Filename Size Download
dlngcomp401.7z 64kB Download

Dragon LaNGuage De-Compiler v4.0.0 Beta

To de-compile .lng files (the files used to translate Dragon UnPACKer) to .ls/.bmp files.
Filename Size Download
dlngd400beta.7z 66kB Download

DUP5 LOOK Compiler v4.0.0 Beta

To make .dulk (the files storing the "themes" [buttons icons] of Dragon UnPACKer until v5.6.2) files from .bmp/.look files.
Filename Size Download
dlookc112.7z 51kB Download

DUP5 LOOK Decompiler v1.0.0

To retrieve .bmp/.look from .dulk (storing the "themes" [buttons icons] of Dragon UnPACKer until v5.6.2) files.

Filename Size Download
dlookd100.7z 53kB Download

DUP5 Package (D5P) Maker v1.0.0

To make .d5p (Dragon UnPACKer 5 packages used to auto-install plugins/translations) files.

Version 3.6.1
 + Fixed bug when non-compressed/compressed block size
   was the same. The program could not decide which one to use.

Version 3.6.0
 + Added feature to DUPP v4 to delete obsolete files in Dragon UnPACKer
   installation directory.

Version 3.5.2 Unreleased
 + Added expert option to override the needed version of Duppi of DUPPv4 files.
   This option is NOT saved in .D5PP project file.

Check full readme for more information: dpackc.txt

Filename Size Download
dpackc361.7z 368kB Download

HRF3 Editor v1.0.0 Beta

To create .hrf (HyperRipper files) files manually.

Filename Size Download 246kB Download

Mr.Mouse's MultiEx DLL wrapper v1.0.0 Alpha 2 EXPERIMENTAL PLUGIN

Wrapper for the MultiEx DLL.
This plugin is given for educational purpose only.
It is unsupported and will never be completed.

Filename Size Download
multiex100alpha2.7z 186kB Download

Nightly builds

What is this?

There are two flavours of builds:

  • nightly are compiled automatically after each commit pushed on github (should take less than 5 minutes). If code is not possible to compile files will be missing in the archive.
  • WIP are compiled by myself from git master on demand, and should therefore be always complete.

What's new in those builds?

Check the Git commit log.
Or the last WIP readme (less technical but probably not up to date).

How to get and install the nightly builds

Click on the download from buttons, this will give you a list of server to download the file, just click on the one you want (primary is the best option always).
Available download servers:

  • Primary: Main Server in Europe (250Mbps) [Location: France]
  • Mirror: Secondary Server in Asia (100Mbps) [Location: Hong-Kong]
Please note it might take some time to synchronize between servers and that secondary servers are slower. The files appear first on the main primary server then they are sent to the secondary mirrors.

You can also get latest automatic builds on Bintray.

Rev Type
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Remember the files are provided without any warranty!