On this page you will learn how was created Dragon UnPACKer and which were the steps that lead to the current version.

Quake UnPACKer v1: The DOS era

It was first made to open and extract files from Quake PAK files. The name of the program was therefore Quake UnPACKer. A DOS program written in QuickBASIC. The last version (1.10 from 1997) is still downloadable: qupak110.zip

Dragon UnPACKer v2 & v3: Windows tentatives

When it started supporting more game file formats it was renamed Dragon UnPACKer. Because I was at that time the Sysop of a BBS named Gold Dragon.

Version 2 was a first Windows try, some alpha versions where released (but mostly lost). The interface was simple and I didn't like it. It was a simple list of entries in the opened files. IIRC it was written in Visual Basic 3. There is still a remnant of what would become the version 2 in the following tool: w2v-t1.zip (WAD2 Viewer)

Version 3 development started while version 2 was still in alpha. It was a UI rewrite with the goal to have an Explorer like interface (directories in the file at the left side and entries in the selected directory at the right). This is the same layout actually used in both version 4 and 5.

Both version 2 and 3 where in development under the Windows interface when a crash disk stopped everything for quite long time.

Dragon UnPACKer v4: The bug nest

Version 4 was a total rewrite after 2 years when I had enough courage to start again (after the *£$@ crash disk). Written in Visual Basic 5.

This program was never made in the goal of modifying game files, only extraction. But version 4 added the ability to create/edit PAK files (because there was a shareware tool named PAK Explorer which did the same thing).

The biggest problem of this version 4 is that it was really buggy and difficult to maintain... I had to recompile everything to add just one new game file format

Here are all versions ever released (please note I offer no support for those versions), if you ever download a version download the VB DLLs needed to run it (setupVB5.zip for all versions from 4.10 included, setupVB6.zip for 4.00 and 4.01):

Version Date Size File VB DLLs
Dragon UnPACKer v4.22.87 Release A 03/10/2001 1145kB dup422.zip setupvb5.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v4.21.86 Release A 22/07/2001 1129kB dup421.zip setupvb5.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v4.20.83 Release B 15/06/2001 1099kB dup420.zip setupvb5.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v4.14.80 Release C 05/04/2001 1020kB dup414.zip setupvb5.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v4.13.75 Release A 05/02/2001 1051kB dup413.zip setupvb5.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v4.12.70 Release D 08/12/2000 1007kB dup412.zip setupvb5.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v4.11.64 Release A 14/09/2000 875kB dup411.zip setupvb5.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v4.10.59 Release D 20/08/2000 824kB dup410.zip setupvb5.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v4.01.47 Release G 15/04/2000 891kB dup401.zip setupvb6.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v4.00.42 Release I 28/01/2000 732kB dup400.zip setupvb6.zip

Dragon UnPACKer v5

Version 5 is again a full rewrite from scratch written using Borland Delphi. It was a language I learned quite well at University (well Pascal to be honest) and I wanted to use what I learned (pointers, etc..).

The main advantages of version 5 codebase over version 4 are:

  • Plugins handle game file formats and convert
  • Much faster
  • Easy to maintain

It was very long until version 5 was on par with the version 4 features. The only missing feature is: The Packing ability.

Version 5 is also when I decided to go for open source under the Mozilla Public License 1.1 (2.0 since 5.7.0).

Developpement is sometimes very slow because this is done for fun and during my spare time. Sometimes I do not feel like coding for months (even years!).

Archive of v5.0.0 to current

Here are all versions from 5.0.0 I ever released (again, please note I offer no support for those versions), you should be using the latest available version:

Version Date Size File SourceForge
Dragon UnPACKer v5.7.0 Beta 08/04/2014 3,187,802 Bytes dup570beta-setup.exe 5.7.0 Beta
Dragon UnPACKer v5.6.2.268 "Exedra-Chac" 07/08/2011 3,282,983 Bytes dup562exedrachac-setup.exe 5.6.2 Exedra-Chac
Dragon UnPACKer v5.6.1.262 "Exedra-Benton" 05/04/2011 2,654,414 Bytes dup561exedrabenton-setup.exe 5.6.1 Exedra-Benton
Dragon UnPACKer v5.6.0.239 "Exedra" 15/10/2010 2,496,121 Bytes dup560exedra-setup.exe 5.6.0 Exedra
Dragon UnPACKer v5.5.1.226 Beta 12/09/2009 2,504,944 Bytes dup551beta-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.5.0.218 Beta 27/06/2009 2,597,639 Bytes dup550beta-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.4.0.192 Release A "Degei" 23/04/2009 2,679,848 Bytes dup540adegei-setup.exe 5.4.0a Degei
Dragon UnPACKer v5.4.0.191 "Degei" 20/11/2008 2,473,175 Bytes dup540degei-setup.exe 5.4.0 Degei
Dragon UnPACKer v5.3.3.182 Beta 23/08/2008 2,418,896 Bytes dup533beta-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.3.2.178 WIP 19/04/2008 2,257,691 Bytes dup532wip-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.3.1.174 WIP 10/03/2008 2,269,261 Bytes dup531wip-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.3.0.173 WIP 04/03/2008 2,265,670 Bytes dup530wip-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.2.0.169 Release B "Cinthia" 30/01/2006 2,255,766 Bytes dup520bcinthia-setup.exe 5.2.0b Cinthia
Dragon UnPACKer v5.2.0.168 Release A "Cinthia" 29/12/2005 2,253,789 Bytes dup520acinthia-setup.exe 5.2.0a Cinthia
Dragon UnPACKer v5.2.0.167 "Cinthia" 23/12/2005 2,251,908 Bytes dup520cinthia-setup.exe 5.2.0 Cinthia
Dragon UnPACKer v5.2.0.165 RC1 15/12/2005
Dragon UnPACKer v5.1.2.163 WIP 21/03/2005 2,102,547 Bytes dup512wip-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.1.1.149 WIP 03/10/2004 2,118,467 Bytes dup511wip-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.1.0.144 WIP 22/08/2004 2,171,144 Bytes dup510wip-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.134 18/07/2004 2,167,192 Bytes dup500-setup.exe 5.0.0

Archive of v5.0.0 betas and RCs

Here are all betas and release candidate versions of 5.0.0 I ever released. Those are here for archival purpose. You should be using the latest available version:

Version Date Size File
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.129 RC4 08/05/2004 2,106,088 Bytes dup500rc4-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.127 RC3 26/09/2003 2,017,044 Bytes dup500rc3-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.119 RC2 08/09/2003 2,950,181 Bytes dup500rc2-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.109 RC1 29/06/2003 2,941,848 Bytes dup500rc1-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.95 Beta 4 26/04/2003 2,913,559 Bytes dup500beta4-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.86 Beta 3 08/04/2003 2,931,551 Bytes dup500beta3-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.77 Beta 2 18/10/2002 2,526,038 Bytes dup500beta2-setup.exe
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.60 Beta 1 28/07/2002 2,059,246 Bytes dup500beta1-setup.exe

Archive of v5.0.0 alphas

Here are all alpha versions of 5.0.0 I ever released. Those are here for archival purpose. You should be using the latest available version:

Version Date Size File
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.59 Alpha 12 27/07/2002 881,120 Bytes dup500alpha12.7z
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.56 Alpha 11.1 22/04/2002 765,904 Bytes dup500alpha11.1.7z
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.55 Alpha 11 19/04/2002 1,247,351 Bytes dup500alpha11.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.51 Alpha 10.1 02/03/2002 910,274 Bytes dup500alpha10.1.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.50 Alpha 10 01/03/2002 910,130 Bytes dup500alpha10.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.48 Alpha 9 26/02/2002 902,124 Bytes dup500alpha9.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.45 Alpha 8 25/12/2001 948,951 Bytes dup500alpha8.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.43 Alpha 7 25/11/2001 880,046 Bytes dup500alpha7.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.43 GiantsHell.com Edition 25/11/2001 712,395 Bytes dup500a7gs.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.40 Alpha 6 18/11/2001 874,549 Bytes dup500alpha6.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.39 Alpha 5 18/11/2001 857,997 Bytes dup500alpha5.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.36 Alpha 4 16/11/2001 764,426 Bytes dup500alpha4.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.29 Alpha 3 09/10/2001 415,696 Bytes dup500alpha3.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.27 GiantsHell.com Edition 05/10/2001 339,307 Bytes dup500gss.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.27 Alpha 2 04/10/2001 340,873 Bytes dup500alpha2.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.23 Alpha 1 03/10/2001 339,701 Bytes dup500alpha1.zip

Archive of v5.0.0 pre-alphas

Here are all pre-alpha versions of 5.0.0 I ever released. Those are here for archival purpose. You should be using the latest available version:

Version Date Size File
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.17 Pre-Alpha 9 27/10/2001 320,786 Bytes dup500prealpha9.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.13 Pre-Alpha 8 23/10/2001 304,102 Bytes dup500prealpha8.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.12 Pre-Alpha 7 23/10/2001 302,675 Bytes dup500prealpha7.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.10 Pre-Alpha 6 23/10/2001 298,825 Bytes dup500prealpha6.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.9 Pre-Alpha 5 22/10/2001 295,714 Bytes dup500prealpha5.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.8 Pre-Alpha 4 21/10/2001 293,557 Bytes dup500prealpha4.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.7 Pre-Alpha 3 21/10/2001 293,270 Bytes dup500prealpha3.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.5 Pre-Alpha 2 21/10/2001 292,771 Bytes dup500prealpha2.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.3 Pre-Alpha 1 21/10/2001 291,471 Bytes dup500prealpha1.zip
Dragon UnPACKer v5.0.0.1 Preview 15/12/2000 180,476 Bytes dup500preview.zip