Dragon UnPACKer v5.2.0a "Cinthia" (stable)
2005-12-29 21:39:04

Just a very small release! Here is what's new:

  • Implemented feature request 1216790: file size/length needed.
  • Main driver plugin is now v2.0.0 Release A (DUDI v4):
    • Fixed the extraction of The Movies .PAK files (some files had 2 compression headers... I don't understand why...). Thanks to the XentaX Wiki for the info.

Dragon UnPACKer v5.2.0 "Cinthia" (stable)
2005-12-24 10:24:00

Finally version 5.2.0 got released!

Here are the news:

  • Ability to use priority for Drivers plugins
  • A log is now displayed on the UI
  • Faster convertion by using new drivers/converts plugins versions
  • HyperRipper should now support files bigger than 2GB
  • Updated UT Packages driver plugin to v2.3.0 (which uses the latest CVS version of the TUTPackages library from Antonio Cordero)
  • Updated Main driver plugin to v2.0.0
    • Added support for Age of Empires 3 .BAR files
    • Added support for Black & White 2 .STUFF & .LUG files
    • Added support for Civilization 4 .FPK files
    • Added support for Fable: The Lost Chapters .LUG files
    • Added support for F.E.A.R. .ARCH00 files
    • Added support for LEGO Star Wars .DAT files
    • Added support for The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth .BIG files
    • Added support for The Movies .BIG & .LUG files
  • Fixed some bugs

Look at the release notes & change log to know the details about what is new! 
Sorry for the 24h delay but it was awfully difficult to upload the files from here.