Dragon UnPACKer v5.3.3 Beta (unstable)
2008-08-23 19:58:15

Here is the preview feature! Finally!! Version 5 is getting really close to be on par with the features of version 4.

I tested it as much as I could, it was working very fine (and fast) but I will let you judge! Smile

What's in this new version:

  • Preview feature
  • Added support for AGON series .SFL (without folders, I will try to figure out how they work) thanks to XentaX Wiki.
  • Fixed HyperRipper bug (missing some entries) --> Thanks to Psych0phobiA for the patch.
  • Added Truevision Targa TGA support to HyperRipper --> Thanks to Psych0phobiA for the patch.
Plus many small fixes and enhancements. Enjoy! Cool

Comments: http://forum.elberethzone.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=373

Fine day! :)
2008-08-23 19:41:04

A day working on Dragon UnPACKer and the result is v5.3.3 Beta! Go grab it if you haven't yet:


What's new? Well previewing feature of course! And a lot of small modifications and fixes.

I also received a mail from Psych0phobiA with a patch to add Truevision Targa TGA (RGB) to HyperRipper search. He also sent a fix for HyperRipper. Everything is included in 5.3.3 Beta. Thanks Psych0phobiA!

5.3.3 Beta • Previewing ability working!
2008-08-15 10:02:41

Dragon UnPACKer v5.3.3 Beta with Previewing abilityCommited to CVS a working previewing ability. :)
Quite fast. I had to go for integrating Vampyre Imaging Library to the core.
Going via the convert plugin was too complicated (and slow).

I still need to polish everything, make all new strings translatable and I will release 5.3.3 Beta.

Back from holidays
2008-07-27 10:02:41

I am back from holidays, finished (almost) the move-in, so hopefully I will be able to work on Dragon UnPACKer as of next week. Smile

Nothing new and going on holidays
2008-06-21 10:02:41

Nothing done since last word from me. I won't be working on Dragon UnPACKer for at least another month (holidays & move-in to another place).