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Dragon UnPACKer • Download

Dragon UnPACKer is free to use like a "free beer" but also "free as in freedom". This program is open source under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL 2.0).

Get the recommended version
Version 5.7.0 Beta / With Setup

You can freely download the program for Windows from the following links, it is available as three different packages:

  • With Setup: This include an installer program (based on free Jurdan Russell's Inno Setup to be exact) which will help you install and configure Dragon UnPACKer on your Windows installation. It also provides an uninstaller.
  • Without Setup, compressed using free 7-Zip .7z file format: To install decompress on a directory and run DrgUnPACKer5.exe. You can also use Tools/Duppi.exe (the Online/Offline Updater).
  • As an update package: To install you need Duppi (at least v3.3.5) and the previous version of Dragon UnPACKer installed and run at least once. Double-click/open the file with Duppi to install the upgrade.

If you want to see/change the source code (Borland Delphi 7 Personnal Edition), you can also download the Source package compressed as a 7-Zip .7z file format. Please read the README file once uncompressed, it contains a list of libraries needed if you ever want to compile the source. You can also visit the Development section that contains more information regarding development of Dragon UnPACKer.

Feel free to donate, whatever the amount, it will be really appreciated:

Download the latest stable version: 5.6.2 "Exedra-Chac"

  • Without Setup - dup562exedrachac.7z (2,7MB)
  • SHA1 Checksum : ca3e7951c5b1c5226c7f9a6c596faca7d18dc38d

For older stable versions check Sourceforge webpage.

Download the latest unstable version: 5.7.0 Beta

WARNING: This version contains latest improvements and is the RECOMMENDED version but might be unstable. Use at your own risk.

  • Without Setup - dup570beta.7z (2 553 660 Bytes / 2,4MB)
  • SHA1 Checksum : f71f017f23e773d22018963e749765ccec50cf95
  • Source - dup570beta-src.7z (1 983 017 Bytes / 1,9MB)
  • SHA1 Checksum : 173345ce638000f2c2d7b3fbc28e4931faaa4031

For older unstable versions check Sourceforge webpage.

Keep your Dragon UnPACKer up to date by running Duppi! New plugins are released now & then which bring new supported games and/or bug fixes.