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Alexandre and CinthiaMy name is Alexandre Devilliers, I am French (but I consider myself like a world citizen) and I was born in 1979. I am married since 2006 to the wonderful Cinthia from Peru (a really wonderful country!).

My native language is therefore French, but I am also fluent in Spanish (lived 8 years in Madrid/Spain and my wife is peruan!) and in English (TOEIC 910 and mostly working in English since 3 years). I also tried to learn Greek (I lived in Athens/Greece for 3 years) but with no good results... And recently I am learning some Dutch.

I studied computer science, economy and management in the Université Paris-Sud XI Orsay IUP MIAGE where I got a Maitrise diploma in 2003.

Since then I work on SAP in the Utilities domain (IS-U module) specifically in the tariffication/billing area. I made some projects for the biggest electricity and gas companies in France and Belgium.The IT company that employs me is searching to hire, so if you are willing to work for us, send me a mail! :-)

Here is my public GPG key if you want to verify the authenticity of the messages you receive from me (I usually don't sign my messages but you can ask me to do it), or send me secure messages:
Alexandre Devilliers (aka Elbereth/Piecito) Public GPG Key

Now to send me an email:

alexandre.devilliers (chez) elberethzone (punto) net


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Then remove any space, this is to avoid as much as possible spam.

A word from the russian translator of the web page:

My name is Alex. One of the aliases - Alexms69. I live in Ukraine, my native languages are Russian and Ukrainian. Favorite foreign languages: French, English. Main hobbies: programming, electronics, translations of interesting projects to me in Russian.